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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 July 2013

Today Ryan’s fiancée Melissa turns 32, yes I know you were trying to pull it off as 23 but suck it up, so last night we went for dinner to The Palais at Semaphore to celebrate. Most of the family was present and some of Ryan and Melissa’s friends. I was very proud of Kane‘s four children, they were all very well-behaved and ate all their meals, a credit to their parents.

Brian had a beef schnitzel which he enjoyed, and I had a chicken and mushroom pizza, not my weekend for food, the mushroom was too over powering so I barely ate half. We left straight after dinner as the young ones were going into the nightclub and we are a bit past that.

Today we picked up Brian’s mother to go see a house we were interested in at Lewiston, it came with ten acres, ten acres of olive trees that is. We are both well and truly passed running ten acres of olive trees. I can only imagine the cost of the outgoings before you even start to see any return, not for us.

Like all one-eyed monarchists I am eagerly awaiting the birth of the new Prince or Princess of Cambridge. My tips for names, if the baby is a Princess I belive Diana will be the first name as William adored his mother, and has kept her memory alive in everything he and Catherine do, if the baby is a Prince my guess is that Philip will be the first name in honour of the child’s great-grandfather Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. If ever anyone deserved the title of King it is this man who has stood beside Queen Elizabeth for over sixty years, and supported her to the best of his ability, yes there have been some gaffs over the years, but that only makes him human.

That’s my tip. Thank you for reading.

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