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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 July 2013

My day off today and what a lovely, relaxing day it has been, the only thing missing is a Papa nap, but no time for one of them.

This morning I caught up on my television viewing, two episodes of MasterChef. I am really enjoying this series of MasterChef, most of my favourites are still in the running. It was a shame to see Jules go but I am still rooting for Rishi, Lynton, Daniel and Christina.

I also watched two specials about my favourite musical band of all time, ABBA. Their music is absolutely timeless, it was just as well Brian was at work as I still remember all the words. Memories of their Adelaide concert in 1977 came flooding back, it gives me goosebumps to think about it.

The washing is now done and thanks to the strong winds here today most of it is dry, folded up and put away, now for the ironing. I have just come back from putting petrol in my car and checking the tyres, that’s right Brian, I checked my tyres, all were spot on. As Brian will be having dinner with his mother I spoilt myself with some cold rolls for tea tonight.

Earlier I had a nice long chat with my third son Blake, it is not often we get to just have a chat. He told me about his new girlfriend who I am now looking forward to meeting, he sounded quite happy which is a nice change. I must give son number four Wade a call as well, as I have not seen him for a while.

At the moment we have a problem with our home phone line, we can make calls out but not receive, that’s typical isn’t it, Telstra are still getting their money. Anyway I called Telstra, who knows what country I got this time but at least he was pleasant and made some effort, fingers crossed the fault does not take long to fix.

That’s it from me today, Thanks again to all my readers.

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