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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 July 2013

Today has not been a particularly interesting one, a doctor’s appointment this morning as I needed some prescriptions, sad isn’t it, not just one but some prescriptions. Tablets for my blood pressure, tablets for my cholesterol, tablets for my thyroid, and probably the most important, my happy pills. I take krill oil as well, I don’t know if they do any good but they can’t do any harm so I pop them anyway.

This afternoon whilst Brian was having a nap I started reading Inferno by Dan Brown. I do not normally read fiction but what I like about Dan Brown’s books is that there is always an element of fact, and even though the storyline might be a tad far-fetched, you still get to know some interesting facts. I suppose it is only a matter of time before Tom Hanks again becomes Robert Langdon in the movie based on this book.

I see that Port Power beat St Kilda in the AFL, all I can say is bugger. Tomorrow is not looking too good for the Adelaide Crows as they play Geelong, they have two chances of winning, none and buckleys. I think the Crows just have to put this season down to experience.

It really has been terribly cold in Adelaide all day, it is not often we get snow in the Adelaide Hills. The wind as I walked to the doctors this morning went right through me, I have not felt that cold since Brian and I were last in Tasmania.

Yesterday I finally caught up with my youngest son Wade for a bit of a chat. Wade and his partner Gink have a busy life and consequently I do not get to talk to him or see him as often as I would like. The main thing is that he is happy but it would still be nice just to have even a coffee occasionally.

It is cold up in the office so I will sign off for tonight. Goodnight and thank you for reading.



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