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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 July 2013

What an exciting couple of days for royal watchers, firstly Belgium gets a new king, Phillipe and his Queen Mathilde, as Albert II has abdicated due to ill-health; he is the second European monarch to abdicate this year.

If that is not enough the Duchess of Cambridge has finally gone into labour, here’s wishing her a safe delivery. Here is some trivia for you, after the birth of this latest Royal baby, which will be third in line to the throne, Great Britain will have one reigning monarch, and the next three future monarchs in waiting, something that does not happen often. Every person in the line of succession will now move down one, I am sure it is a welcome relief for some.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow, other than the Royal birth that is, as I have two meetings, one of which I am dreading. This particular corporation cannot agree on anything, I am almost superfluous and I sometimes wonder why I am even there. The afternoon meeting will be an easy one, a welcome relief after the first.

This weather is showing no sign of abating in Adelaide, not that we should complain as we always need rain. Having lived ion the country Brian and I have  seen first hand what too little rain can do, then again we have also seen what too much rain can do as in Queensland and New South Wales in recent years. The truth is that despite the rain having been a natural disaster in Queensland and New South Wales, that same rain was a welcome relief to South Australia. There is good and bad in every situation.

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading.

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