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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 July 2013

Termites and sewerage, that pretty well sums up my day. My chair was barely warm this morning when the first call of the day hits with a termite infestation, one of the floors in her unit has collapsed due to termites. Hardly time to take a breath and the next call is blocked sewerage pipes, this took all morning only to find out the problem was at the street and therefore a problem for SA Water. What a crap of a day, pun intended.

On top of this I have a couple of clients who just seem to get their jollies by trying to intimidate and bully. Some days this gets me down but today I was ripe, do not mess with me. In saying that the majority of my clients are great, it is still a pretty good job.

Brian hit the sack early tonight, he started work early this morning, he could not sleep so got up early and went to work. Tomorrow he is driving a friend to Port Pirie which means I have the house to myself, and then tomorrow night I am off to see my son Blake in High Risk Pro Wrestling. A shame it clashes with the Adelaide Crows game but at least I can record that for later.

I lost my temper on the drive home tonight, I had the misfortune to be driving behind a silly woman who did not know how to use her indicator. She changed lanes in front of me with no signal, and then back again, and finally she turned off, all the while with no signals. It is people like her that cause accidents and then make the loudest noise about it being everyone elses’ fault.

On a similar subject if I get one more woman shut a door in my face or push across my path without so much as a glance I will lose it.  Today I also had a shopping trolley pushed into me, the woman did not even realise, and they say men are rude. Cast the first stone ladies, go on. I am not the misogynist I sound, but men are more courteous, chivalry is not quite dead.

Eyelids drooping, mind wandering, time to sign off. Thank you for reading.

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