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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 July 2013

Brian has driven to Port Augusta and back today to do a friend a favour, now he is hobbling around like an old man, hopefully nothing a couple of pain killers and a good nights sleep won’t cure. So much for driving to Perth at Xmas, he has realised he can’t sit that long.

It has been a horrible overcast day here in Adelaide today, heavy cloud cover, quite depressing really. There has been a lot of wind though so I managed to get all the washing dry, but no rain. It is still surprisingly warm outside.

Tonight I went to High Risk Pro Wrestling to watch my son Blake wrestle, I was not prepared for him to get his head spilt open when he was donged with a length of wood. This is the reason I don’t often attend the wrestling, I have an aversion to the sight of my boy’s blood. I spoke to him before I left and he assured me he is alright, but he will have one hell of a headache later.

I also met Blake’s new girlfriend Amy, she seems like a nice girl. My second son Ryan was there with his fiancée Melissa and two of their children Bailey and Calais. Calais is not quite two and she was very cuddly tonight, not that I mind that at all. Unfortunately Ryan lost another job this week, a flow on from the redundancies at Holden, fingers crossed he will have a new job shortly.

The Adelaide Crows, I had such high hopes for them tonight but they were well and truly dashed, the Fremantle Dockers beat them by 22 points, but not before we lost another big name to injury, Josh Jenkins with a suspected broken leg. The boys cannot take a trick this year, first Taylor Walker, then Brent Reilly, then Patrick Dangerfield, and now Josh Jenkins.

Not really looking forward to tomorrow, a meeting at my father’s house with my dysfunctional siblings; what a bugger. I will need all the patience I can muster to get through that.

I think I’ll start with a good night’s sleep. Bye for now.

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