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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 July 2013

Today has been an interesting day, it was the day of the gathering of my dysfunctional siblings at the home of my father. Dad wanted to discuss his will with us, he does not want any unpleasantness after he is gone so he thought the best thing was to get us all in one room and tell us how things will be. Despite the fact that my male sibling would not sit in the same room as me, he chose to sit in the doorway, it all went rather well, much better than I expected.

Dad also told us that our stepmother is declining rapidly, Alzheimer’s is such a terrible disease, the things she is doing now she would never have done previously, she would be horrified and ashamed. Sadly it is the nature of the Alzheimer beast and she has no control over her actions. If you had known this woman before, strong both physically and emotionally, it is tragic and breaks my heart.

Brian and I are off to dinner tonight at Wade and Gink’s house, Gink is quite a good cook so the meal should be lovely. Let’s face it, if you don’t have to cook it, and you don’t have to do the dishes, it will be a good night.

At the moment Brian is sound asleep, he has been uncomfortable all day with his back after the long drive yesterday, so he is having a siesta. Not long now and I will have to wake him up. In hindsight I should have joined him but it should not be a late night.

Our television viewing is programmed in, Underbelly – Squizzy, Ripper Street, MasterChef and The Block Sky-high . We have a lot to watch later in the week.

Damn shame about the Adelaide Crows, and then to add insult to injury Port Power win again. My footy tips are right up the creek without the proverbial paddle. At least my grandson won his footy match, good on you Bailey.

Time to wake his lordship up. Thank you for reading.

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