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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 July 2013

I have definitely felt better, I just don’t feel the best today, I think the lurgy that Brian has and that has been nagging at me is finally getting the better of me. It is my turn to sleep in the spare room as Brian is feeling much better, fair is fair. Tomorrow is my day off and I think it is just as well, hopefully I can turn this thing around in 24 hours.

On Sunday night we had a lovely meal at Wade and Gink’s, roast lamb, one of my favourites. Wade also invited his mother and we had a very nice night. Life is so much easier on the boys now that Paula and I have let bygones be bygones.

The last two days at the office have been very busy. My boss and I are trying to find ways we can make better use of our software, unfortunately it is no longer being developed and we have no manuals,  so it is up to me to play with it and see what I can come up with. I have already started this and we have made some improvements, this is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. In my previous corporate life this is what I did, I tested software then wrote the procedures and trained the staff. It will be very enjoyable to be able to utilise those skills again.

I really am very tired and need to try to sleep this thing off so goodnight, and thank you for reading.

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