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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 July 2013

Still not feeling 100% today, a little blocked up. I did sleep later than usual today and did not feel too bad when I woke up, however as they days goes on I have a bit of a headache and do not feel like doing anything.

Even though the sun is shining it is still a bit cold today and the washing is not drying. It’s not too bad inside but each time I go outside to hang the washing on the line I get colder and colder, but the clothes will not wash themselves.

Our landlord is getting the house valued today, I have had one agent through and am now waiting on another. I hope they do not put the rent up, we are so close to being able to buy our own home now and if the rent went up that would affect what we are able to save.

The house is looking good, the agent this morning was quite impressed. If two grown men can’t keep a house looking reasonable then who can. There may be a bit of dust here and there but overall I don’t think anyone could complain.

After the second agent has been and gone I will need to start thinking about dinner, I have some scotch fillet out and thought I might  serve it with some mushrooms, braised cabbage and fennel with a hint of sun-dried tomato, and some greens.

I can hear the ironing beckoning as well, bugger I hate ironing but with Brian’s back he can’t do more than a shirt or two at the one time. Even though my back does ache after a while I recover quicker as I do not have the chronic condition Brian has, my problem is just my body telling me I am not as young as I used to be.

Better go, the agent is due and tick.

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