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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..4 August 2013

Those of you who know me know I am a one-eyed Adelaide Crows supporter, and today I really thought the boys had one up on Port Power, but what the fritz ands sauce went wrong boys. The Crows had the game in the bag and then the next minute, zip, gone, season over. I know they have had a terrible year with injuries, but there really have been some poor decisions by the coaches and players alike. Sam Jacobs seems scared of the ball, he gets the chance to give it a thumping kick and he hand balls and turns the damn thing over, and where has Lewis Johnston been all year, it seems we could have done with him a bit earlier.

I know it is easy to be a lounge room coach, but I just hope all have learnt from the mistakes of this year. By all means try to preserve some dignity as the 2013 season draws to a close, we know the finals are gone but that does not mean they should give up. Start planning for season 2014, do not make the same mistakes, welcome back those that are injured and nurture them. The fans will still be there next year, you are still the Mighty Adelaide Crows, onwards and upwards.

We have just watched Mary Coustas and her husband on 60 Minutes, what a gut wrenching story, my heart goes out to them. Despite having four wonderful sons my ex-wife did give birth to a stillborn daughter, and I will never forget the moment the doctor told us she was gone, nor will I ever forget the sight of my son Ryan carrying the tiny coffin that contained his stillborn son.

Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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