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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 August 2013

What a week this has been, today I went to work having virtually nothing to do, famous last words, the work trickled in all day and I had no trouble filling in my time. I had intended to drive around to some of he corporations I manage but that did not happen. My boss also told me just before I knocked off that I am getting two new corporations next week.

Brian and I finally watched the first two episodes of Ripper Street tonight, it is not quite what we expected, a little too dark for our liking. I incorrectly assumed this was a miniseries of sorts based around the Jack the Ripper murders, it turns out it is a weekly series. Had it been a mini-series I would have persevered but not every week. We still need to catch up on Underbelly Squizzy.

We have a very busy day tomorrow, up early as Brian is getting a haircut, then off to a birthday party for our two-year-old granddaughter Calais, and then my god-daughters wedding in the afternoon. I have to admit to being just a bit nervous about attending this wedding as I have not seen any of these people who used to be a major part of my life for 25 years or more.

My stomach has been giving me grief again today. I am not sure what the problem is, I have had a series of tests that have all come back negative, maybe it is just my diabetes after all as my doctor suggested. Do any other diabetics out there have constant stomach problems?

I need to be at my best tomorrow so its time for me to get some beauty sleep, sometimes nature needs a helping hand. Goodnight.

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