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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 August 2013

It dawned on me the other day that I do not remember when I last got a personal email at home, everything is either junk or junk. Email remains an essential tool for business but on a personal level it has now been overtaken by Facebook.

Facebook is a great tool, I used it last year to find a lot of old friends and arrange a reunion. It is a good way of sharing photographs with family and friends, nice photographs that is, and a great way to keep in touch. As a business tool it is also invaluable, although I do have to admit I get tired of all the ads, but then again we are surrounded by ads on every media, I just have to live with that.

What I don’t like is the way it is misused to share not so nice photographs, and games, I am so fed up with game requests, if only I could turn them off. I am also annoyed by the completely useless information that some people share, “I just made myself a toasted cheese sandwich LOL”, so what, I don’t care what you eat, and what makes you think it is funny.

I do get tired of the constant changes to Facebook, changes that I do not necessarily embrace but I suppose a lot do. What I would like would be for Facebook to tighten up on the foul language that is rampant, surely it cannot be all that difficult to ban the “f” word and the “c” word. I also do not think that anyone under 16 should be permitted to have a Facebook account.

You can call me a grumpy middle-aged man if you like, I do not particularly care. I cannot help but wonder what will replace Facebook, it is coming, it is only a matter of time.

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