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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 August 2013

A few months ago Brian and I bought a hard drive recorder for the television, we have made the most of this machine since we bought it, and I think we have already had our monies worth. Just lately though every show I record has missed its ending, I don’t know who gets kicked off MasterChef until I watch the next episode, and I miss the last few minutes of almost everything we record. Why I ask, I have no idea, I can only suggest that the Channel 10, which is the station I record the most, is running behind as I am getting the last few minutes of the previous show and missing the last few minutes of the shows I am recording. Bloody annoying Channel 10, get your act together.

Today I was given 3 new corporations to manage but I am still only working four days per week, that is bloody annoying as well. I felt sure I would be full-time by now. September through to November are my busiest months for meetings so maybe, just maybe, I will go full-time then.

Last night I became a great-uncle for the fifth time. Congratulations to my nephew Shane and his wife Ellice on the birth of their third daughter Olivia, a baby sister for Rihanna and Addison. As they live in Queensland I have no idea when I will see this newest addition to the family, but I am sure she will be worth the wait. I have to say that in my own humble opinion I have always been a “great” uncle anyway, not sure if my nieces and nephews would agree though. 🙂

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