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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 August 2013

What a lovely day it is outside, we were supposed to have a storm but we have sunshine. There is still time for a change, fingers crossed it starts while Port Power are playing the Gold Coast Suns at AAMI Stadium, I hope it puts Port right off their game.

I checked our last week’s Lotto this morning and we had a small win, not enough to pay for this weeks but a win is a win, and I am grateful. it is only a matter of time before we strike a big one, at least that is what I am telling myself.

Tonight we are out for dinner with good friends Kate and Jo, we are trying the new Zapata’s on Semaphore Road. I love Mexican food, and I especially love a Hibiscus Marguerita, I hope they are on the drinks menu tonight, I might order a jug.

I can hear Brian stirring downstairs, I came upstairs as he fell asleep on the lounge and I was having trouble concentrating on the television over his deep breathing. I tried reading my book, Inferno by Dan Brown, but I got restless so thought I would do some surfing, of the Internet kind naturally.

Downstairs looks like a laundromat, I decided not to hang the washing out due to the weather forecast, but as luck would have it I probably could have it got it dry and back inside.

Yesterday was one of the busiest I have had at work for a while now and next week looks like it might be even busier. Unless things go very quiet I will be working on Wednesday. The problem I have is that I now have four new corporations therefore I need to fit four more meetings into my already busy September schedule, then there is the flow on effect to next year’s schedule as their 2014 meetings need to be within 3 months of the end of their financial year, which means October and November will become my busiest months moving forward.

Today is a slow news day so I will not waffle any longer. Until tomorrow, have a good night and thank you for reading.

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