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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 August 2013

Brian and I had a great night out last night with good friends Jo and Kate. Dinner was at Zampatas Cantina on Semaphore Road, a lovely meal and reasonably priced, we highly recommend it, although the service was a tad slow. The only real downside, a table full of middle-aged women in the adjoining room who made far too much noise and didn’t give a toss. We noticed the people from another table ask to be moved due to their carry on.

As I said the meal was lovely, we started with an assortment of dips, then I had enchiladas for my main, and a fruit empanadas for dessert. The pastry on the empanadas was very different from any I have had previously but it was delicious, and filled with fresh fruit.

Drinks, we all started with a Marguerita of sorts, Brian did have something different but it was just as delicious, and just as lethal, you can drink these like lolly water, then red wine. There was an interesting Mexican soft drink available which I tried, Hibiscus and Tamarind, vert sweet but very nice.

I have to say I am still feeling quite bloated and my stomach is a bit on the tender side. The food I had was not spicy at all as I cannot eat spicy food any more, maybe too much sugar. Just to be sure I have checked my blood sugar this morning and it is all good.

The Gold Coast Suns let me down yesterday, in the last few minutes they let Port Power get the better of them, bugger! Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed that the Adelaide Crows can defeat the Western Bulldogs this afternoon. Go the Mighty Crows! I don’t like the taste of humble pie boys, don’t let me down.

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