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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 August 2013

I have been writing this blog for nearly eighteen months, during that time I have always tried to be honest, I have laid my innermost thoughts on the line. I have shared my ups and my downs, sometimes I have been controversial, I have tried to make people smile by laughing at myself, and I suppose at times I have been just plain boring.

Today I would like to share something that happened to me during my lunch break, something quite unexpected, I am going to bare my soul.

As I was strolling down The Parade at Norwood this afternoon I felt something odd, something quite uncomfortable. Strolling along minding my own business and the unthinkable happened, the elastic in my undies started to give way. To begin with I tried to hide the fact, I had a long cardigan on so I pretended my shirt was untucked and shoved my hands down the back of my pants in a desperate attempt to preserve some dignity. I need not have bothered.

Before I knew it my undies were hanging around my nether regions, hanging loosely down my trouser legs. At that moment I wanted the pavement to open up and swallow me. The chances are that no-one noticed a thing, but as happens at most people’s embarrassing moments you get paranoid and think the world is watching you, a frumpy little old man waddling down the street trying desperately to reach the safety of the office toilet so I could make some adjustments.

That was the highlight of my day. I hope I made you smile.

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