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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 August 2013

What a wet and miserable day it is North Haven today, I haven’t seen the sun all day. As usual the house looks like a laundromat as the clothes airer is full, although the sheets and shirts are on the clothesline dripping wet. At least they will smell fresh when the eventually dry.

Another of my favourite televisions shows is gone for another season, The Americans, what a great show, looking forward to the next season already. MasterChef finishes next week, as does The Great Australian Bake Off, I might have to get a life.

Talking about MasterChef three of my favourites are still in the running, Lynton, Rishi, and Kristina. Daniel said goodbye last week but he was by no means disgraced, he should be very proud of what he achieved.

I thoroughly enjoy this show, not just for the cooking tips but also for the sets, there must be an enormous effort behind the scenes to bring this show to air. I think it would be interesting to see a behind the scenes special.

The three judges are all very likable and seem to have a genuine affection for the contestants, they can be tough but they also show their softer side when needed. What would make this show more interesting, a fourth or guest judge, someone not in the industry, someone to critique the food from the average Joe’s perspective, someone like me. 🙂 After all Brian and I did run a licensed cafe and a pub for a couple of years, and I know what I like.

Tomorrow we are having a staff meeting at work to discuss the changes to the Strata and Community Tiles Acts, so I have been trudging through that today in preparation. I know this is how I make my living, but boring.

Welcome to my new readers. Enjoy!


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