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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 August 2013

The old gray bull he aint what he used to be. Visiting Kane yesterday and soon to be three-year old grandson Zak wanted to show Papa and Uncle Brian how he could jump the rope. He flipped the skipping rope over his head and walked through it as proud as punch.

Papa had a bright idea, give Papa the skipping rope Zak and let him show you how its done. Talk about getting your ambitions mixed up with your capabilities. Zak gave Papa the skipping rope and Papa went into action, skipping his little old heart out. Three jumps if memory serves me correct, and I was stuffed. Zak was impressed that I did one, his seven-year old sister Alyssa laughed, Brian shook his head, and Kane thought I was mad. Ten minutes later when I got my breath back I was impressed that I had done that much. Credit where credit is due  people.

Zak will be three this Friday, and what does he want for his birthday, presents. My little Mate, you will most definitely get presents.

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