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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 August 2013

With the federal election looming and a state election next year I have been thinking about all the expense involved in holding a parliamentary election. Forget about the politicians and hangers-on jetting around the country, forget about the incessant advertising, I am talking about things like the ballot papers, the polling booths, the “How to vote” pamphlets, the letter box drops, all the things that are wasted, that I hope are eventually recycled.

This is the twenty-first century, why can’t we vote the way do most other things, on-line. I know what you are thinking, that would be fraught with danger, but I think it might encourage more people to vote and fewer people to do an informal vote. I think  the worst part about election day is queuing at the polling stations and getting all those pamphlets shoved at you.

Nowadays we have so many forms of identification I don’t think rorting would be an issue, perhaps two forms of identification. We all have a Medicare card and most of us have a Tax File Number or perhaps a Senior’s Card or a Health Care Card, the list could go on.

I suppose you could say that all that traffic to one site on one day would cause a bottleneck, and their may be problems accessing the site, I have a workaround. Not all of us will embrace voting on-line so by all means restrict voting by attendance at a polling station to Saturday, but perhaps on-line voting could commence Friday night and close on Sunday night, we will still have a more accurate count that we do now and think of the cost savings, money better spent elsewhere, or wasted depending on who gets into power.

One way or another Australia is going to have a National Broadband Network, so how better to use it. That’s my opinion.

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