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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 September 2013

Just days after the senseless slaughter in Kenya and 40 more innocents are slaughtered in Nigeria, this time in the middle of the night. What is this world coming to. Noting much in the Australian media about this massacre, are we becoming that used to it that crimes like this barely rate a mention. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.

What a crappy day today has been, it hasn’t been all bad, but crappy pretty much covers it. I did pick up another corporation from a rival strata management company, and I have been flat-out all day. Another IGM for a new corporation tonight and not a single soul turned up, let’s hope I have better luck tomorrow night.

Just what is going on with Facebook, old posts coming back, new posts disappearing as quickly as they come, it is all over the place. Blame it on the weather someone says, but the weather has not been all bad for the last two days. I can’t keep up.

Brian cooked a lovely roast for dinner tonight but I have been so hungry all day I could have eaten the lot myself. It is not like me to eat so much but that is all I have wanted to do all afternoon. I am still peckish now. Maybe sleep will help me forget I am hungry.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 September 2013

Today we spent house-hunting and we found a lovely house in Brahma Lodge. I do not want to live in the northern suburbs but this house had a lot going for it, not to mention a very reasonable price. I think a house is part aesthetics and partly about the feel of the house, and although we would have had to make some compromises this house had a nice family feeling about it. It is just a little bit premature, but if it is still available in a few weeks it will be a definite contender.

We saw a number of other homes today, we just drove around looking for signs. Some of what we saw was simply awful, completely unloved and too much of a project for us, we are not handymen. One house in particular smelt and was very unkempt and poorly presented, yet they want top dollar for it.

After a flying visit to Kane‘s because my back teeth were floating it was home for a short snooze on the couch. Now I am bored, there is nothing to watch on television, Facebook is being a sod, and for some reason last night’s blog did not post properly.

My youngest granddaughter Calais has conjunctivitis but I am pleased to say that my son Ryan remembered the old wives remedy, cold tea. One problem though son, just dab it in here eyes with a cotton wool ball, but ten out of ten for remembering.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 September 2013

The AFL Grand Final has come and gone, and while I am disappointed Fremantle did not win Hawthorn were the better team on the day and deserved their victory. No more football until 2014, bugger!

On the subject of the AFL Grand Final I watched the Grand Final Footy Show on Channel 9 on Thursday night, I always look forward to this show as I enjoy the AFL Player Revue, not so this year. If it weren’t for Luke Ball and David Rodan this would have been the worst revue I have seen in years. Most of the players did not look like they had any practice, it was just rubbish. The odds are certainly in favour of the fact that of all the AFL players in the 18 teams, there must be a good percentage that can either sing or dance or both. Why doesn’t the AFL show off some true talent, football players that can sing and not just some half-hearted lip sync while they stumble around the stage.

I am very pleased to say that Brian is now very much better and looking forward to returning to work next week. The doctor put him on some medication and it is working a treat, so much so that he was very restless Friday night and a bit down and the dumps after being confined to the house for a week so we ventured out, albeit close to home.

We had been asked to dinner at the Little India restaurant just down the road at Osborne by good friends Jo and Kate, it was a Bollywood night and we had an absolute ball. We met some new friends, had a lovely meal and a good laugh, but the service was terrible, not as bad as Ginza the previous Friday, but not good nonetheless.

I wouldn’t say the Bollywood dancing was all that authentic, one act was more like a belly dance, and the other one, let’s just say  he made the most of a very tight costume. The name of the game was fun, no-one cared that it was not authentic, it was just a good fun night, and Jo, you have missed your calling, you dance girl.

As I have not been on for a couple of days I cannot go without saying that my thoughts are with the people of Kenya, and the friends and families of those so tragically murdered, people just like you and me out shopping, minding their own business, they did not deserve to die. That is the terrible thing about terrorism, you don’t know where or when they will strike, is nowhere safe.

Thoughts of a middle aged man….25 September 2013

It seems I spoke too soon, Brian went to work this morning only to turn right around and come straight back home, completely breathless. He is at the doctor as I write, I wish they could find out what the problem is. Tomorrow he has a stress test at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but as he cannot run a treadmill due to his back they will simulate that same stress medically. I can’t say I am wrapped in the idea.

I had to go out this morning as I needed a couple of things and I had to get petrol. As I was filling my car this moron drove into the petrol station with a lit cigarette, admittedly he was sitting in his car, but he then got out of his car, cigarette in hand, and walked through the service station and into the shop. I assume no-one has ever told him that petrol is flammable.

This brings me to a funny conversation I had at work yesterday about cremation, what is funny about a cremation I hear you ask, a firemans widow who arranged for her husband to be cremated in his uniform. I had always hoped, for the sake of the fireman, that their uniforms were made of a fire-retardant material. Duh!

Ten-year-old grandson Cody played a prank on his Nana last night, he left his iPad at her house, hidden of course, with the alarm set for 2.30am. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as Jenny ransacked her own house looking for that alarm. What a cracker, love that little boy. The moral of the story, always make sure Cody takes his iPad home.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 September 2013

Thank you to everyone for your kind messages about Brian’s health, he is feeling much better today, but not yet 100%. He is due to return to work tomorrow but I am in two minds about whether he should have an extra day off, we will have to wait and see how he feels in the morning. We still have no idea what was wrong with him but it certainly knocked him rotten.

Tonight I had a 5.00pm Annual General Meeting in Hawthorndene, so as I usually do when I have no idea where I am going I logged onto Google Maps. I completely missed my turn off as it was poorly signed, Google Maps was right and I was wrong, anyway I finished up in Coromandel Valley. After calling the client I was to meet I found my way back, not that she was any help, and still arrived on time. I tried to encourage them to come to the office next year but no way, their response, there are three of us and only one of you, you can drive.

Today my biggest problem corporation broke the proverbial camel’s back, I am completely over them and will be recommending we give them the big flick. Heaven help the poor strata manager that takes over from me, I have worked my butt off for this group.

On a positive note I have tomorrow off, and I have also arranged two days annual leave in November when by brother-in-law Ian and his partner Gail will be in Adelaide for a wedding. I have not seen them in years as they live in Western Australia so I am really looking forward to it.

Brian and I have been invited to a local Indian Restaurant with good friends Jo and Kate on Friday night, complete with Bollywood dancing, and no we will not be dancing. Should be good for a laugh, can’t wait. It is just down the road from home, a great way to unwind after busy week.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 September 2013

That was one heck of a day. It started when I went downstairs this morning, Brian was just about to leave and he looked up at me and he looked dreadful so I told him to stay home. He said he felt breathless and had a bad night, his back was sore and he just looked terrible. We assumed his asthma was playing up so he changed from his work clothes and contacted his boss to say he was ill.

I got ready for work and as he seemed no better but no worse I went to work. Barely five minutes later he called me as he could hardly breathe and told me he had called an ambulance so I turned around and came back home, arriving as the ambulance car did. Fifteen minutes later the ambulance arrived and Brian was on his way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Ay this stage they were starting to think he may have had a heart attack rather than it being asthma, so they sent him for x-rays which showed his chest was clear, and started to treat him like a heart attack patient. The ECG and the blood tests all came back negative so he is home resting and we are none the wiser about the problem, although he has another blood test tomorrow and a stress test on Thursday.

During all this they took quite a bit of blood from him, although they had a lot of trouble finding suitable veins, they kept sticking the needle in but nothing flowed. In the end I said just stab him, he will bleed eventually, Brian did not see the funny side to this but the doctor and I thought it was mildly amusing.

After I got him settled at home I went to work about 3.00pm as I had a 5.00pm Inaugural General Meeting with a new corporation, and wouldn’t you know, not one of the buggers turned up, I was pretty crapped off.

The good news is that Brian has tomorrow off to build his strength and he is feeling much better tonight, thank you Universe, I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to him. Who am I kidding, I would do exactly what he would do if the shoe was on the other foot, spend the insurance and have a ball 🙂


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 September 2013

Today is the 25th birthday of my youngest son Wade. Wade and I have not always seen eye to eye, and sometimes he is a little bit out there for my liking, but he is true to himself and what he stands for, and for that I am very proud of him. He has shown more courage in his life than I have, particularly at such a young age. Son I love you very much and I know you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Just remember to pick me out a nice nursing home with your brothers.

Now for a bit of controversy, and we all know how I like controversy, so here goes. There has been much talk in the Australian media this week  about same-sex marriage, the talk has been going on for years but it appears that now someone is doing something about.

For non-Australians the Australian Capital Territory is a quasi state in Australia, hence the name Territory, and there is a bill going before their local parliament to legalise same-sex marriage. The ACT would then become the first state or territory within Australia to legalise this. Now I am all for marriage equality despite the fact that Brian and I would never get married, but that is our choice, and that is what it is all about, freedom of choice.

This got me to think about the many different state and federal laws in place here in Australia, not to mention all the red tape and the bureaucracy to keep things running. Population wise Australia is a fairly small country on the world stage, so why do we need all these different laws, surely the Federal government could draft laws for all Australians, why do things have to be different from state to state.

I know I am probably over simplifying a very broad issue here, but sometimes simple can be good, remember the KISS principle, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I know some laws may require a certain amount of tweaking here and there, but overall it should be all laws for one and one for all laws. There would still be a place for State governments, albeit a very trimmed down version.

That’s my opinion.