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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 September 2013

I’m back, did anybody miss me? For those who did, my minions, I have been ill, the dreaded lurgy knocked me rotten for a few days. I’m not yet 100% but am feeling very much better, thank you for asking.

I came home from work early on Friday as I felt dreadful, and I then got progressively worse and did not leave the house all weekend except for an appointment with my doctor. Nothing we can do he tells me, stay warm, get plenty of rest, take Panadol, and drinks lots of fluids, so that is what I did.

Father’s Day came and went, we had plans with my boys but they had to be cancelled. All the boys did the right thing though and sent me messages, and even though Ryan knew I was ill he popped in with his family to see how I was and to change Calais‘ dirty nappy. Thank you Son, Happy Father’s Day to me, just as well I had a blocked nose as well.

Yesterday I started to improve slowly and today I went to work, I probably should not have but I did. My ribs are very sore from coughing and I don’t know what I have done to my hip but that has been killing me all day.

The Adelaide Crows did not make the AFL finals, what a bugger, but the signs are very good for next year. lots of young talent. Speaking of young talent Lynton, my last man standing, just got pipped at the post by Emma on MasterChef. Such a lovely young man, I am sure he has a massive future in the food industry, I really hope he achieves his dream.

I am ashamed to say that I saw something tonight that made me laugh, when what it should have done was brought out my caring side. I walked into our local supermarket behind quite a large young woman, her track pants were riding down and her top was riding up, and what was flashing in between, toilet paper, that’s right she had toilet paper sticking out of her track pants. This poor young girl probably walked the length and breadth of this supermarket with everyone gawking at her and laughing behind her back. I should  have told her. For what it’s worth I am sorry.

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