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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 September 2013

What a week, I’m glad that one is over, its been quite a rollercoaster. Fortunately my boss is on the mend and should be home from hospital next week which is a relief to everyone. We are being approached by new corporations wanting our services left, right and centre, we must be doing something right, so we need all hands on deck.

I am having a quiet night at home tonight as I cannot shake the cough I have had. Brian has gone out but I did not want to risk being out in the cold night air and giving new life to this lurgy.

It’s Royal Adelaide Show time again, but not for us, we went for the first time together last year and once was enough. It is definitely a family thing, a young family thing, not for us oldies.

Federal election day tomorrow, who do you think will be our Prime Minster, I know I am hoping for Tony Abbott, it is time for a change. One thing I have noticed about this election campaign is that it had been very negative. I have also been a bit disappointed about the way some people have been expressing their views on social media. I don’t have a problem with anyone having their own opinion and expressing it, everyone knows I have an opinion on everything, but some are just downright insulting and offensive to anyone who does not share their political views, and I object to that.

A busy weekend ahead, my car is being serviced in the morning, we have the shopping to do, and we can’t forget to vote. I worked last Wednesday so there is a crap load of washing to be done and we are going to see Mum in the nursing home on Sunday, and we have three-year-old Zak‘s birthday party. I should see all my children and grandchildren this weekend, you have to love that.


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