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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 September 2013

What a glorious and sunny day here in North Haven, South Australia, although it is very blustery, the good thing about that, washing done, washing dry, washing folded and put away. We know what that means, the ironing needs to be done, that is for tonight whilst watching the telly.

On a more sombre note, we have all heard the constant bagging this week by the Labor Party against Tony Abbott and the Liberals, and I for one am over it. What I have not heard in the last week is the Prime Minister Elect bagging Labor, Mr Abbott has been head down with his caucus  being briefed prior to the government handover and preparing for the journey ahead. Doing the job he has been democratically elected to do.

You know we really should consider ourselves very lucky, it doesn’t matter your political persuasion, the fact of the matter is that the Australian people have spoken and Tony Abbott will become our Prime minster this week, deal with it. On that note I applaud both he and Julie Bishop for their stances on cost cutting for international travel, not to mention the fact that Mr Abbott will be staying in dormitory style accommodation whilst The Lodge is being renovated. Every little bit helps.

We need only to look to countries like Syria, the human devastation is simply beyond comprehension. What those people would not give to have just a fraction of what we have in Australia, in particular a democratically elected government, and we think we have problems. Yes we are always under scrutiny for our treatment of the indigenous population, and yes we do have poverty, and yes we do have crime, and yes there is the boat people, but in Australia there is hope for all these things, where is the hope in a refugee camp?

A recent report said the Australian people are amongst the biggest givers in the world, we donate generously, I think that is great. What I do question is how much of that money actually gets to the people we are donating to, and how much is gobbled up in red tape and administrative costs, I suppose we will never know.


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