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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 September 2013

I’m feeling a tad weary tonight as I had an early morning start. My youngest son Wade and his partner Gink flew to Cairns for a holiday this morning and big-hearted Dad offered to pick them up and take them to the airport. North Haven to Salisbury Downs to Adelaide Airport then to work. I no complain, I would do it again, but then I remembered that Number 1 son Kane has to drive almost straight passed the airport every day to get to work. Duh!

Yet another example of just how small Adelaide is, the other day I had an AGM and I was a bit early as was one of my clients so we started chatting about things in general. As this particular client is a dentist talk soon turned to the braces I had on my teeth when I was in my early teens. I mentioned how uncomfortable they were 40 years ago and I hoped that technology had improved them.

For some reason I still remember the name of my orthodontist, Dr Jenner, low and behold he is still practising and my dentist client knows him. I though he was old 40 years ago but it turns out he was only in his mid twenties. I also found out that there are only around 40 orthodontists in all of Adelaide, who would have thought.

It is blowing an absolute gale outside, I can hardly hear myself think. Time for bed I think. Goodnight.

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