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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 September 2013

In my opinion there really is very little other than drivel on morning radio in Adelaide. I have the radio on 102.3 just so I have something to break the tedium of the drive into work, and they are the pick of a bad bunch. Mark Aiston is an absolute buffoon, I know a lot of people find him endearing but I think he is just annoying. Yes I know I have the option of turning the radio off but I do think 102.3 plays the best music so I put up with them, although as soon as I hear Jimmy Barnes shrieking I change stations for a few minutes.

The other morning they were waffling about whether children should be allowed on planes. I have done my fair share of domestic flights and have to admit if you do happen to be near a child that just will not settle, or does not know how to behave itself, the flight is a nightmare. I can only imagine how awful an international flight must be. One of the listeners suggested that all people with children should be seated together, at the rear of the plane, what a great idea, unless of course you are in the very next row.

This conversation then led to kids in restaurants and as Brian and I did in a past life own a licensed cafe all I can say is this, generally it is not the kids, it is the parents. During our time we had no end of kids that misbehaved and most of the time their parents just ignored them, too bad about the other patrons. There were a lot of very good kids as well, a credit to their parents. From my own experience as a father and grandfather, and there is no bias here, anyone who has met my children and grandchildren know I speak the truth, none of them have ever misbehaved in public.

Back to the radio and the conversation evolved even further but I got bored and mentally switched off, I immersed myself in my own memories, memories of 40 to 60 year-old women and the cacophony I have heard them cause in restaurants, to the point that I have  seen other patrons ask to be moved away from a table of screaming shrieking, drunk women, or is that just the misogynist in me coming out.

A very important day in our countries history today, Tony Abbott was sworn in as our 28th Prime Minister. Congratulations to Mr Abbott and his Cabinet.

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