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Thoughts of a middle aged man….25 September 2013

It seems I spoke too soon, Brian went to work this morning only to turn right around and come straight back home, completely breathless. He is at the doctor as I write, I wish they could find out what the problem is. Tomorrow he has a stress test at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but as he cannot run a treadmill due to his back they will simulate that same stress medically. I can’t say I am wrapped in the idea.

I had to go out this morning as I needed a couple of things and I had to get petrol. As I was filling my car this moron drove into the petrol station with a lit cigarette, admittedly he was sitting in his car, but he then got out of his car, cigarette in hand, and walked through the service station and into the shop. I assume no-one has ever told him that petrol is flammable.

This brings me to a funny conversation I had at work yesterday about cremation, what is funny about a cremation I hear you ask, a firemans widow who arranged for her husband to be cremated in his uniform. I had always hoped, for the sake of the fireman, that their uniforms were made of a fire-retardant material. Duh!

Ten-year-old grandson Cody played a prank on his Nana last night, he left his iPad at her house, hidden of course, with the alarm set for 2.30am. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as Jenny ransacked her own house looking for that alarm. What a cracker, love that little boy. The moral of the story, always make sure Cody takes his iPad home.

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