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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 September 2013

The AFL Grand Final has come and gone, and while I am disappointed Fremantle did not win Hawthorn were the better team on the day and deserved their victory. No more football until 2014, bugger!

On the subject of the AFL Grand Final I watched the Grand Final Footy Show on Channel 9 on Thursday night, I always look forward to this show as I enjoy the AFL Player Revue, not so this year. If it weren’t for Luke Ball and David Rodan this would have been the worst revue I have seen in years. Most of the players did not look like they had any practice, it was just rubbish. The odds are certainly in favour of the fact that of all the AFL players in the 18 teams, there must be a good percentage that can either sing or dance or both. Why doesn’t the AFL show off some true talent, football players that can sing and not just some half-hearted lip sync while they stumble around the stage.

I am very pleased to say that Brian is now very much better and looking forward to returning to work next week. The doctor put him on some medication and it is working a treat, so much so that he was very restless Friday night and a bit down and the dumps after being confined to the house for a week so we ventured out, albeit close to home.

We had been asked to dinner at the Little India restaurant just down the road at Osborne by good friends Jo and Kate, it was a Bollywood night and we had an absolute ball. We met some new friends, had a lovely meal and a good laugh, but the service was terrible, not as bad as Ginza the previous Friday, but not good nonetheless.

I wouldn’t say the Bollywood dancing was all that authentic, one act was more like a belly dance, and the other one, let’s just say  he made the most of a very tight costume. The name of the game was fun, no-one cared that it was not authentic, it was just a good fun night, and Jo, you have missed your calling, you dance girl.

As I have not been on for a couple of days I cannot go without saying that my thoughts are with the people of Kenya, and the friends and families of those so tragically murdered, people just like you and me out shopping, minding their own business, they did not deserve to die. That is the terrible thing about terrorism, you don’t know where or when they will strike, is nowhere safe.

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