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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 September 2013

Today we spent house-hunting and we found a lovely house in Brahma Lodge. I do not want to live in the northern suburbs but this house had a lot going for it, not to mention a very reasonable price. I think a house is part aesthetics and partly about the feel of the house, and although we would have had to make some compromises this house had a nice family feeling about it. It is just a little bit premature, but if it is still available in a few weeks it will be a definite contender.

We saw a number of other homes today, we just drove around looking for signs. Some of what we saw was simply awful, completely unloved and too much of a project for us, we are not handymen. One house in particular smelt and was very unkempt and poorly presented, yet they want top dollar for it.

After a flying visit to Kane‘s because my back teeth were floating it was home for a short snooze on the couch. Now I am bored, there is nothing to watch on television, Facebook is being a sod, and for some reason last night’s blog did not post properly.

My youngest granddaughter Calais has conjunctivitis but I am pleased to say that my son Ryan remembered the old wives remedy, cold tea. One problem though son, just dab it in here eyes with a cotton wool ball, but ten out of ten for remembering.

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