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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 October 2013


As a parent of adult children don’t you just hate it when they hurt and there is nothing you can do, a kiss and a cuddle just doesn’t cut it any more. How I miss the days when they were just children and I could fix everything. At least they know I love them and I am always here if there is anything I can do. My children will always be my children.

Unfortunately I never had that same emotional support from either of my parents. Dad and I were not what you would call close, Dad pretty much let us all make our own mistakes and if we didn’t learn from them that was our problem, tough love I suppose. As for Mum, well if it wasn’t about her she really was not all that interested, not with me anyway, but where the girls were concerned, well that was different.

This has been a very long week, I cannot wait for 5.00 tomorrow afternoon, a three-day long weekend. I am so tired this week, I just don’t know why, I slept quite well last night but it was a real effort to get going this morning.

Another meeting tonight, and again no-one turned up, although I did have a quorum as three of the five owners sent in their proxies. People don’t realise that we have to wait around for 30 minutes just in case anyone turns up. The one good thing about it, I get paid for that half hour.

Lots of talk today about Lance “Buddy” Franklin moving from Hawthorn to Sydney for a ten million dollar deal over nine years, a lot of people are very upset about it. Spare a thought, if this was the USA and we were talking about the basketball, hockey, or even grid iron, ten million dollars would be petty cash. Personally I don’t think he is worth it, but good on him.


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