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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 October 2013

I would have loved to have been in Sydney this weekend, what a great time to be an Australian and celebrate the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy. If I had known about this sooner we would have gone, I must have been walking around with my head up my own butt because I don’t recall hearing much about this in the media until the last few days.

I contented myself this morning watching the proceedings on television. Prince Harry looked very handsome in his uniform and the Governor General always looks very elegant. I sat myself down and was looking forward to the flotilla sailing past but no, the television channels stopped the transmission just minutes before it was to begin. Why would you do something like that, why not give all Australians the opportunity to share in this occasion from their lounge rooms. I was really crapped off.

Meanwhile Brian had found a house he wanted to see in Craigmore so we went for a country drive and then to the open inspection. Now Brian found this house this morning and we arrived just as the open inspection was to start, no one there, no salesman, just a Sold sticker across the sign. Why could they not have updated their website, my second disappointment for the day.

By now I needed a loo stop so as we were close to Kane’s that is where we headed. My four grandchildren were having a great time on their trampoline with the sprinkler spraying up from underneath. Young Zak was so wet he was having trouble keeping his bathers up.

I was pretty disgusted to hear this morning that a serial child molester had been freed from prison despite having a forty-year history of committing crimes against children. Criminals like this man should be locked up for life, what justice is there for his victims if he is allowed to walk free. Shameful. Lock him up and throw away the key.

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