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Thoughts of a middle aged man….7 October 2013

Despite me earlier trepidation last night turned out to be quite a good night, although the conversation was quite heavy all night, very few laughs. The food was great, baked snapper and salad, along with some barbecued meat.

Today we had lunch ast the Somerset Hotel for my youngest sister’s 50th birthday, I got to catch up with a couple of uncles and aunts, and some cousins I do not see often. I definitely will not be rushing back though as the food was very ordinary, and even though there were very few people there the service was extremely slow. My ham steak was not cooked very well, and they do not know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino.

After lunch a visit to Mum at the nursing home, she was surprisingly alert today, but then she always is when she sees cousin Sandi. It just goes to show that she still plays games, she can be good when she wants to but when she doesn’t she is not exactly a joy to be around.

Next stop was Ryan’s as he is going away for a week with work and wanted to borrow a suitcase. You know me, any excuse to see one of my kids and a couple of grandkids. Calais is growing so quickly and she prattles on like a two bob watch. Bailey was a bit quiet though.

We finally arrived home and Brian had a snooze on the lounge while I did the ironing. Now to settle back and watch Big Brother. That is the weekend that was.

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