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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 October 2013

Brian hit the sack early tonight and left me to watch Hostages with Toni Collette, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this may be my new favourite drama, at least until Downton Abbey, The Americans and Revenge come back anyway.

Today was a warm one in Adelaide and tomorrow is cool with showers, is it any wonder that people get sick. It doesn’t really matter what the weather is though does it, we will always find something to complain about. What I don’t understand is why so many people water their lawns when it is raining, it happens all the time here. I realise they may be on a timer but is it really that hard to turn the tap off and let Mother Nature do her thing.

The last couple of days have not been all that exciting, I am working hard, new corporations coming in, no rest for the wicked. Speaking of wicked reminds me of a conversation I had today with the tenant of a client who found it impossible to communicate with me without swearing at me, totally unnecessary. Just as well I have a thick skin, today anyway. I feel sorry for him really, he is obviously not educated enough to have an adult conversation without resorting to profanity.

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