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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 October 2013

I had a chat with my Dad tonight, my stepmother’s Alzheimer’s is progressing much quicker than he anticipated, she is doing things that she would never have done previously. It is so sad, if she knew what she is doing she would be mortified. It is taking its toll on Dad as well, he is 78 years old and has never had high blood pressure in his life but now it is sky-high, he just wants to give up, the pressure is just getting too much but he is stubborn and does not want anyone’s help.

This has been a very long week, I have so much work to do I am not sure what do next, so I just start on the closest pile and work my way through. The other strata manager at my office thinks he is busy, he has 13 meetings left for the year, I have 23 and counting. Never have I had so many adjourned meetings due to a lack of a quorum. I don’t know what is wrong with these people, don’t they care about their investment.

I have just watched one of the worst movies ever, Around The World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan, what a load of rubbish. I thought David Niven‘s version was bad but this was worse. There were a host of cameo appearances by some big names in Hollywood, stars like Kathy Bates, Owen Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but nothing could save this movie.

Brian and I have a busy weekend ahead, and Xmas is coming fast, we need to get our skates on and start shopping. We have so many birthdays between now and then, not to mention a wedding, and then on 2 January it all starts again when my son Ryan turns 32.

On a brighter note I got the latest statement for my superannuation in the mail today and it is growing nicely, not enough for me to retire but I may only have to work until I am 75, not 80. 🙂

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