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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 October 2013

It’s funny how you can forgive someone for all the hurt they have caused you over a number of years, and then one small comment brings it all back and you realise how much they can still hurt you. I would like to think I am a forgiving person, and I have tried very hard to learn to live with my past, but some days it just makes me wonder. This particular person is relatively insignificant in my life now, but it seems that old wounds can be reopened easily, and to be honest probably unintentionally. On the flip side I was no angel, but I did put up with a lot.

Today I knocked off a bit early as I am quite up to date at work, and Wednesday is still supposed to be my day off. It took me longer to drive home at 3.15 than it does at 5.00pm, bumper to bumper all the way up Port Road.

I still have the bug to run my own business, I need to prove to myself that I can do it and be successful. The timing is not right, our first priority is to buy a house, but I can dream, and I am. One day I will find what I want to do, although I think I already have. House first.

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