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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 October 2013

Today I attended the funeral of my daughter-in-laws father Ian Tomney, and what a lovely service she arranged, Ian would have been very proud. Clarke Family Funerals conducted the service and it was all very dignified and quite tasteful. From a personal point of view I was fortunate enough to share a very special moment with my son Ryan, a moment I will never forget, I was very proud.

Tomorrow Ryan and Melissa have the sad task of emptying Ian’s small unit of his few possessions. I remember when my former mother-in-law passed we had to do the same thing, it is not a pleasant feeling. Brian and I will do our bit by looking after the children so Ryan and Melissa can just get on with it. It all works out quite well really as Ryan’s son Cody has told his mother he misses us as we have not seen him for a few weeks, so tomorrow my beautiful boy we will spend most of the day together with you and your brother and sister.

What a busy, busy week I have had, one more week gone, one more week closer to my annual desk cleaning ritual when we close the office down for Xmas. Between now and then I still have around fifteen AGMs and an IGM, and next Wednesday I pick up a new group. I am now at 90 plus groups and working most Wednesdays which is good. Every cent helps while we continue to save for our next home together.

Brian surfs the Internet most days looking for our new home, he has had some hits and some misses. The hardest thing is finding somewhere where we can both have our own space should we need it, and somewhere to accommodate the dog that Brian wants and the racing pigeons that I want. I am sure we will find that special house when we are meant to.

Meanwhile we have a busy weekend ahead, looking after the grandchildren tomorrow, a bbq at a friend’s house tomorrow night, and another bbq on Sunday night at Kane’s for Alyssa’s birthday. I am looking forward to that one, should be the whole family together, what more can a father ask for.

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