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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 October 2013

It is very overcast here in Adelaide, it has looked like it is trying to rain all day but not a drop so far. There is a warm but pleasant breeze so no problem getting the washing dry. I hope the rain holds ut as we are off to Kane‘s for a family bbq later.

We had a lovely night at Jayne and Denis’s last night, and my potato salad was a big hit, thanks Jo, there is just enough left over to take to Kane’s. As usual Denis cooked up a storm, it was my turn to have a drink so I knocked off a few beers, not my usual beverage, but every now and then I do enjoy a beer or three, or maybe 4, sometimes even 5.

I think we both ate too much last night as neither of us slept well, Brian is catching up on a snooze now but I need to iron some shirts as I will not be home to do it later. Brian’s back is also quite sore today so perhaps a sleep will do him good.

As I sit in my study and write I have a lovely view  over the adjoining park and the little cafe over the road, there is a reasonable amount of traffic as well. It is quite peaceful to just sit here and watch the world pass by.

I have been remiss this week as I have not mentioned the tragedy of the bush fires throughout NSW, the number of homes lost and family memories destroyed is truly sad. To those who lost their lives fighting these fires you are true heroes and my sympathies go out to your families.

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