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Thoughts of a middle aged man….10 November 2013

I have written and rewritten todays blog over and over in my mind, to say what I really want to say will cause offence to some so I will try to walk the fine line. The last couple of weeks have been very difficult for me, I have had to contend with my son’s illness and I have had bronchitis. All I can say is thank you to my Facebook friends and to the strangers that read my blog, thank you for the support you have offered, I am very grateful.

I have just watched Miss Universe, contestants from 86 countries, supposedly the most beautiful in the world. I think the judges got it right this year, congratulations to Miss Venezuela and the runner-up Miss Spain, two very beautiful women. I thought of something that might add some degree of interest to an otherwise quite mundane show, bring back some of the former winners, all we ever see is last year’s Miss Universe.

Last night we celebrated the 30th birthday of my daughter-in-law Kristin, Kane‘s wife. Kristin has had a somewhat bumpy few years that I will not go into, and both she and Kane are dealing with that, but last night she was in her element. Thank you Kristin, for making my son so happy, may you have many more happy celebrations.

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