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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 November 2013

The search for our new home must now start in earnest as our landlord has dropped the bombshell that she is putting this house on the market. Although we are getting first offer on the house it is far too expensive for us first time around, and I do not really think she understands just how much work this place needs.

We saw a few houses today but they turned out to be real dumps. They did not look too bad on the internet but in the flesh so to speak, too depressing to contemplate. I cannot believe the Universe has put us through everything we have endured for us to finish up in a dump. I truly believe we will find the perfect home for us at a price we can afford, perhaps a little windfall might come our way who knows, but something will happen.

Feeling thoroughly depressed we stopped into Kane’s to say hello. I love the fact that even my older grandchildren still get excited when they see us, and at least once on every visit they come up for a cuddle or just stand next to us, even the boys will stop hop on our laps for a hug.

Last night we had a lovely meal with Wade and Gink, oysters as a starter, steak and salad, and then truffle Magnum ice creams. Just what every good diabetic needs, ice cream and chocolate.

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