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Thoughts of a middle aged man….20 November 2013

Today is the first Wednesday I have had off in weeks. I only have a handful of meetings left for this year and things are definitely starting to slow down, so it seemed like a good time to have my day off.

This afternoon I went to see Dad and we went to the nursing home to see my stepmother Joy. When you consider that only a few days ago Joy was in hospital she looked remarkably good, she still knows who I am as well which was a pleasant surprise as you just never know. Joy is deteriorating though, I can see it each time I visit, she says things and does things she would never have said or done previously. Alzheimer‘s really is a terrible disease.

Dad is slowing down as well, then again he is 78. Aside from the normal process of age the last couple of years with Joy have really taken their toll on him, he is about ready to give up as well. I think the only thing that is keeping him going is the thought of leaving Joy on her own in the nursing home, a truly lonely existence.

I am not normally one for magic shows but tonight I watched Cosentino on television, this guy is an absolute freak. I know there is a perfectly logical explanation for every illusion, but I have to ask myself what, the things this guy can do are just beyond my comprehension.

Back to work tomorrow and we have a very busy weekend coming up, a wedding and my birthday. I am just waiting for Brian to call me so I know where to pick him up from and it will be off to bed.

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