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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 November 2013

Today is my 55th birthday, it doesn’t seem like 5 years since my 50th but it is. To think that in just 5 years I will be 60, I still look at people in their early sixties and think they are old, I suppose the joke is on me, I am old as well.

Brian, thoughtful as always, took great delight in telling me that as of tomorrow I will be closer to 60 than 50. To rub salt into the wounds just that bit further he put his Village Manager hat on to tell me that I am now eligible for retirement living. Such a treasure.

It had always been my intention to retire at 55, but short of divine intervention in the shape of a significant financial windfall that won’t be happening. My next goal will have to be 65, I think I had better skip 60, at this stage that is a pipe dream as well.

What am I doing for my birthday, I am going to a wedding. One of Brian’s oldest friends is getting married this afternoon, I just hope the food at the reception is not too rich as for the last couple of days I have had the dreaded gastro again. What a way to lose weight, 3 kilograms.

Tomorrow is family day, that will be the real celebration and I can’t wait. Brian, my children and their partners, and my grandchildren, who could ask for more. I have started making the salads today and have bought all the meat, I just have to throw it all together in the morning. Whose birthday is this, I am doing all the work 🙂

Before I sign off I share today with another 55-year-old, some would say my oldest friend. At the time of our births Judy’s mother lived next door to my maternal grandmother, I was Mum‘s first and Judy her mother’s tenth, remember we did not have television then, nor birth control apparently 🙂 Anyway it was a race and I won, coming into this world three hours before Judy. Happy Birthday old friend.

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