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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 December 2013

New Year‘s Eve 2013, a new year is almost upon us, one I am looking forward to immensely. Brian and I will start the year by moving into our new home and things can only get even better from there.

How have I spent the last day of 2013, why getting ready for tonight of course, Pavlova made, Sun-dried Tomato Dip made, now time to get in the shower and make myself beautiful.  I might even shave for the occasion.

I did find time to watch a movie we had recorded, Snakes On A Plane with Samuel L Jackson, no surprises as to why that movie did not win any Oscars, it was woeful. As I have a morbid fear of snakes I am asking myself why I watched it at all as it scared the bejesus out of me. Some things just defy logic.

My hopes for 2014, that Brian, myself, and my children and their families have a truly wonderful year. Each one of us have had their fair share of trials and tribulations in 2013, but that is life, there are many who are much worse off, in the overall scheme of things we do not have much to complain about.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time this evening. Happy New Year to my readers, to my friends, and to my family.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 December 2013

It is a beautiful day in North Haven, high twenties would be my best guess. I have not done very much today, a bit of washing, and I started my next Dan Brown novel Angels and Demons, and I made a quick trip to the local IGA as I need to make a Pavlova and some dip for New Year‘s Eve.

I really enjoyed reading The Lost Symbol, a really fast-paced and interesting book, my only criticism is that I was disappointed by the ending, it dragged out a bit much and I became anxious for it to end. Should they ever make that book into a movie I would suggest rewriting the ending.

My thoughts today are with one of my oldest and dearest mates whose son has undergone surgery for a brain tumour. That makes three people to whom I am relatively close that are now affected by cancer, I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

Brian is back at work today and has been spoilt by one of his residents with home-made Xmas pudding and cream, it looks lovely. My only comment Dear, remember the scales and the enormous pressure you exerted on them just the other day. What was it that they screamed? Never mind, Brian loves his food as do I, and after all it would be quite rude to refuse 🙂


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 December 2013

What a peaceful afternoon I am having, Brian went to visit a friend and is now at one of my least favourite places IKEA. What don’t I like about IKEA, you cannot just walk in and get what you want and walk out, you have to walk all over the damned place before you reach the cashier, really annoying when you dislike shopping as much as I do. Brian has now realised it is much better if he just lets me stay home.

What have I been doing since he left, reading my book, watched a rerun of Charmed, and done a couple of loads of washing. Nothing stressful, just enjoying a simple day at home, much like I will for the remaining two weeks of my annual leave while Brian goes back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a lovely day in Clayton Bay, lunch with two of our favourite ladies, Marg and Mary, then a quick visit with Jan and Harvey. We caught up on the latest gossip around town, Brian who is the font of gossip filled them in on a few things he knew via Facebook, and then we were off home.

I have to confess I am becoming a little fed up with eating Xmas leftovers, the salads are long gone but the meat, we have so much meat it is not funny, if only we had a dog. I have promised Brian tonight is the last night, we will bin the rest and get back to a nice cooked meal from tomorrow night. There is one small problem, Brian usually cooks as he gets home from work before me, but as I am on holidays I get the short straw……Bother!

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 December 2013

Xmas 2013 is done and dusted. Xmas Day was rather quiet, I spent all day cooking in preparation for Boxing Day, we had seafood for lunch and then went to Jo and Kate’s for dinner, in all quite a pleasant day.

Boxing Day was when the fun started, my children, their partners, and my grandchildren came for lunch and most stayed for dinner, a wonderful family day. We ate, we drank, we had presents, we ate , we drank. The grandchildren all liked their presents except for poor Cody, I think we got his wrong this year but we tried.

Three year old Zak  disturbed me somewhat, he told me had to go to the toilet so like a good Papa I took him. He is very proud because he can stand up like a big boy, the only problem is that he drops his pants and when he bends down to pull them up again he forgets to move away from the toilet bowl so he rests his chin on it…..Gross!

Today we went to see Mum at the nursing home, she really is in Lala land, she wasn’t even sure who we were, she has dementia and is very difficult to converse with, fortunately my sister Carolyn soon arrived which helped the conversation. Carolyn is none too happy with our father at the moment, he can be a bit abrasive at times and apparently his ill-timed barbs upset her yesterday.

I told Mum I had recently seen her brother Phillip and his wife Carol, she said she did not remember them, but you can never really tell with Mum, she is not averse to playing games, particularly if it has been a while between visits.

It was a big day for us today as we signed the papers for the finance of our new home, there should be nothing stopping us now as the mortgage broker is very confident, but I will not breathe until we get the all important phone call.

I am pretty pooped tonight and will probably have an early night, tomorrow we are off to visit friends in Clayton Bay.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 December 2013

Christmas Eve at last. I had to make a quick trip for some last-minute salad vegetables and $69.20 later I am finished. The local supermarket was not as busy as I would have imagined, despite there being almost no available car parks. The number of people blocking the aisles with their shopping trolleys was ridiculous, tunnel vision all of them, completely unaware of their surroundings.

Xmas Day will be a quiet one for us, just Brian and I with his mother, a seafood lunch and then to Jo and Kate’s for tea. Boxing Day will be an entirely different affair, all the kids and their families, my idea of Xmas. I have always said I am not fussed about which day we all get together for Xmas, just as long as we do, that is my Xmas Day. Brian will be in his element as well, he usually hands out the presents and the chaos that ensues is priceless.

Tonight we are going to Wade and Gink’s for dinner, my ex-wife will also be there, once that would have presented a problem but we got over that years ago, it’s all good. I assume Gink will cook something superb as he usually does, my contribution will be a garden salad that I will throw together later.

Most of Xmas Day I will spend cooking the meat for Boxing Day, it is currently thawing all over my kitchen, and hard boiling eggs, potato for the potato salad, my list goes on. I would not have it any other way, Brian knows I will curse and swear all day but he will leave me to it, it is more harmonious for us both that way.

At the end of the day what really matters is that I will be with everyone I love, Brian, my children, their partners, and my grandchildren. I am blessed. Merry Xmas.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 December 2013

Today was a day of very mixed emotions. This afternoon I went to see Dad for Xmas, when I arrived he was mopping his bathroom floor, a very unfamiliar sight. Dad has never done much for himself, he has certainly not done any housework, but now with my stepmother in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s he has little choice. I had been worried that Dad was not looking after himself but he has surprised me, it is amazing what you can do when you have to, I felt strangely proud of him.

After a bit of a chat we went over to the nursing home to see my stepmother, it has only been a few weeks since my last visit but she has visibly aged, at least 5-10 years, she looks dreadful. I was pleasantly surprised when she called me by my name, that won’t happen for much longer so I will treasure each visit as if it were my last.

Joy wanders off quite regularly now, both mentally and physically. I was walking her to her room when she just decided to toddle off in the opposite direction and leave me standing there, she has also started seeing things that are not there, and making abstract comments about nothing in particular.

Dad has decorated her room as best he can for Xmas, he really has no idea but I found the attempt extremely emotional. He has made an effort to bring Xmas to the love of his life, and she does not even realise he has done it. I feel so sorry for him, he is very frail himself and he misses the woman he treasures terribly.

On the way home I got a call from a very old and dear friends husband to give me the sad news that her cancer has returned. This is someone I grew up with and although we do not see each other often I love her dearly. My dear friend, I hope you have the strength to fight this as you have done before. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 December 2013

Brian is having an afternoon siesta and my eyes are a bit sore from reading so I  have been watching Mayerling, a movie made in 1968 starring Omar Sharif. The movie depicts the series of events leading to the murder-suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria  and his lover Baroness Mary Vetsera . Rudolf was the only son of Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria and Empress Elisabeth, and heir to the throne of the combined Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Quite boring for some but as I am interested in this type of history I enjoyed it, well I enjoyed as much as I saw anyway, I have watched this movie umpteen times but never from start to finish, one day.

It is a beautiful day in North Haven today, the weather is quite mild, my idea of summer. Warm enough to go bare foot and wear shorts, but not that hot that I have anything to complain about. A lovely day to just relax and do nothing, other than a bit of washing and reading a good book.

I am thoroughly enjoying “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown, as I said yesterday the concept of Noetics is quite intriguing. I have always believed there is more to this world than meets the eye, so I think I have found the next subject I would like to explore; I hope they have a “Dummies” version to get me started.

Brian is awake now and has wandered downstairs to watch television so I might join him, it’s almost time to start dinner anyway. Bye!