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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 December 2013

December 1 2013, the first day of Summer, haven’t seen the sun all day, it has rained on and off all day, and it has been remarkably cool, now that’s my idea of summer. If only it could last.

Brian picked up our 10-year-old grandson Cody this morning as it has become a bit of a ritual that he helps Brian decorate our Xmas tree, so I guess you could say it’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas at our house. Xmas tree done and Cody decides it is time to serenade Papa and Uncle Brian with some Xmas carols, as he thumped the heck out of the piano.

Master Cody also informed Papa that at his next birthday party in February he will be having reptiles, of all the things Papa is terrified of in this world it is snakes and lizards, terrified would be under stating the facts immensely. My first instinct was grandson or not there is  no way I am going to that party, but I could not do that to him, so I told him I would stay inside but if anyone bought one of those horrible critters near me I would have to leave straight away. He was none too happy about that but the last time I came face to face with a lizard I was screaming like a girl, and the last time I came within cooee of a snake I almost had a heart attack, and that is no exaggeration.

This afternoon, courtesy of those rotten stomach cramps, I spent the afternoon lying on my couch watching the NSW Schools Spectacular, and spectacular it was, so many very talented kids. I had no idea Human Nature got their start at an earlier event. My favourite part of the show, a very moving tribute to our Diggers, it was truly beautiful. If only there was something like this in South Australia.

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