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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 December 2013

Xmas shopping for 2014 is almost over, just a couple of things left. Today has been absolute chaos at the shops and it will only get worse, I do feel sorry for some of those working in retail. Brian is now wrapping presents. Caitlin will be very happy as we managed to get the last One Direction single bed quilt and pillow case north of Adelaide.

This afternoon we looked at a house to buy in Davoren Park, it looked very promising on the internet and we have lived in Davoren Park before. We arrived to a packed house and inside the house was just as we saw it on the internet, the outside was another matter. On the internet there was a lovely lush green lawn out the back but when we got there not a hint of green, not a single blade of grass, in fact it was all pock-marked with gravel. It was painfully obvious that Ray White had photo shopped the lawn, how completely dishonest, and you should have seen the look on the agent’s face when I confronted him. I will think twice about dealing with Ray White in the future if that is the sort of dishonesty they practise.

We had a quick stop at Hungry Jack’s Munno Para for a bite to eat, at least it was meant to be a quick stop. It took 25 minutes for them to even take our order and another 10 minutes to get our meals.

Next stop the nursing home to see Mum, we need not have bothered as she was in a deep sleep. I shook her, I talked to her, I even raised my voice a tad, no response so I wrote in the visitor’s book and we left.

Later in the afternoon I had a much-needed Papa nap. Tomorrow is a busy one, Xmas lunch with work and Jade’s birthday party in the afternoon, no Papa nap tomorrow.


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