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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 December 2013

Last night Brian and I had dinner with friends from my days at Wattyl Paints at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel, it was very ordinary. The menu was uninspiring so I thought I would play safe with chicken breast served on mashed potato, very, very, lumpy mashed potato. Both the bar and table service were clumsy to be kind, we shan’t be going back.

Today is my day off and I have just come back from the doctor. The test results he ordered the other week have all come back fine other than my blood sugar reading which has crept up a little. He really burst my bubble as all the readings I take myself are excellent, to the point that both Brian and I believed my diabetes diagnosis was wrong, it’s not.

There is one other slight problem, my chest x-ray showed that I am asthmatic, and he believes I probably always have been. He said that in the days when I was a child asthma was not well-known and was often misdiagnosed as chronic bronchitis, something I recall having often. Bugger, another prescription drug I am now stuck with. I have to take 3 puffs of Symbicort twice per day.

I have been a customer of Peoples Choice Credit Union for many years, joining when they were called Savings and Loan Credit Union. This morning I went into the Port Adelaide branch to change one of my accounts. The new layout at their branches now has only two people on the service desk for financial transactions and a series of cubicles for everything else, it is all very confusing and there are no clear signs advising you what to do, so I proceeded to the service desk only to be told to sit at a table and read the paper until one of the people in the cubicles was free.

Time went by and I was becoming very impatient until finally one of the cubicles was free so in I went to be told by this woman she dealt with  loans and I should report to the service desk. Three times I told this woman I had already done that, all the while she parrotted the same thing until in the end I spat the dummy and walked out.

I immediately called the only number you can to complain, and after pushing this button and that button, and keying in my customer number, I finally was able to vent in the politest of ways at the woman who finally answered my call. Five minutes later my account was changed, my complaint was registered and I was satisfied, for the moment. The lesson learnt, do not go into a branch of Peoples Choice Credit Union.

My sincerest apologies if I have offended any parrots.

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