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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 December 2013

What a busy weekend we have had, it started with dinner on Friday Night with good friends Kate and Jo. We were originally meant to have dinner at the Semaphore RSL but when we arrived they were having a singles night with a live band, and the tables were all set up in groups of ten, not our cup of tea so we needed a fallback plan.

Slightly annoyed they had not told us this when we booked we moved to the Federal Hotel, we have eaten there before and the food was not too bad, and it is not that noisy so we would be able to talk. Now I know I complain a lot about poor service in the hospitality industry but this was the absolute worst, we ordered our meals at 7.20pm and got them at 8.45pm after complaining. To make matters worse two of our four meals were quite ordinary but when you are hungry you eat. The Federal Hotel is now off our list.

On Saturday we went house hunting, watch this space, we found a house we love now we just have to make it happen. Come on Universe, give us a break.

Last night Kane and Kristin had a Xmas dinner to attend for Kane’s work so we bought pizza and looked after their four children. After dinner we watched Jim Carey in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I can’t say I am a fan of Jim Carey, that style of humour is not for me.

As usual the kids were all very well-behaved, not a problem. Alyssa was quite cute, she asked what my name was when I was a little boy as she has only ever heard me called Dad, Old Man or Papa, and she knew I had to have a real name.

Today is a slack day, and that is the weekend that was.

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