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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 December 2013

Just one more week until Xmas 2013, present shopping done, only those getting cash left, presents wrapped under tree. Today I bought the last of the seafood, there is no way I am going out Xmas eve other than to the local IGA for the last-minute salad vegies.

I spent a few hours today vacuuming, washing and generally tidying up as the photographer is coming soon to take the pics for the sale of our home. The big news, drum roll please, we signed the purchase contract to buy our new home, subject to a building inspection and finance, a little three bedroom in Craigmore, just big enough for us, but not quite big enough for everything we have to cram into it. Definitely not enough hanging space for our clothes, I think we have some sorting to do.

It was as hot as all hell in Adelaide today, and will be even hotter tomorrow, but what did I see today, two morons throwing their cigarette butts out of their car windows. It just doesn’t matter how often you say it, some idiots do not get the message. Obviously nowhere near their own homes.

I don’t want to move from this spot, I am sitting directly under an air-conditioning vent, but move I must. Stay cool.

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