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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 December 2013

It is a beautiful day in North Haven, high twenties would be my best guess. I have not done very much today, a bit of washing, and I started my next Dan Brown novel Angels and Demons, and I made a quick trip to the local IGA as I need to make a Pavlova and some dip for New Year‘s Eve.

I really enjoyed reading The Lost Symbol, a really fast-paced and interesting book, my only criticism is that I was disappointed by the ending, it dragged out a bit much and I became anxious for it to end. Should they ever make that book into a movie I would suggest rewriting the ending.

My thoughts today are with one of my oldest and dearest mates whose son has undergone surgery for a brain tumour. That makes three people to whom I am relatively close that are now affected by cancer, I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

Brian is back at work today and has been spoilt by one of his residents with home-made Xmas pudding and cream, it looks lovely. My only comment Dear, remember the scales and the enormous pressure you exerted on them just the other day. What was it that they screamed? Never mind, Brian loves his food as do I, and after all it would be quite rude to refuse 🙂


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