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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 December 2013

Another big day for Brian and I today, we paid the deposit on our new home, things are certainly moving. Next Friday we have an appointment with our mortgage broker but it should all be smooth sailing as we have met all the criteria we were told to.

Last night we had a good friend over for dinner and we were talking about all things house, past marriages and relationships, trials and tribulations. It dawned on me that twice in my life I have started with nothing and clawed my way back, the first time after my marriage break-up by myself, and the second, and what I hope was the last time, with Brian after our businesses failed, and we were left with nothing but our furniture and two of our cars. No-one can tell me I don’t know what it is like to do it tough.

Today I have started reading another Dan Brown novel, The Lost Symbol, just as compelling, interesting and thought-provoking as his others, his books really make you think, could fiction actually be fact. At this point the book is talking about “Noetic Science”, which if I understand it correctly is basically mind over matter. This seems to be a current theme in a number of the books I have read in recent years, “The Secret”, “The Magic”, “The Power”, all are about the laws of attraction and the power of the mind. I truly believe in this stuff and have personally used it to help me get to where I am today, including the purchase of our new home. Powerful stuff, you should give it a try. I will definitely be reading more about Noetic Science.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 December 2013

That’s my 2013 working year done, my bosses told me to go home early and we all know I always do as I am told. It has been a very busy year and my first week back in 2013 is already mapped out.

It had always been my intention to retire when I turned 55, but that was not to be in 2013, there is still some hope for 2014. I can feel it in my waters that the planets are aligning for Brian and I, and 2014 will definitely be our year.

My eldest son Kane got the big snip today, ouch! My best advice to him now, don’t cross your legs for  a few days, and keep away from the kids, particularly Jayden and Zak, and don’t forget to go back for your 6 week check, I know of a couple of guys that got caught out.

It looks like the cool change is starting to arrive here in Adelaide. Keep it coming, this little old man is bloody hot.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 December 2013

Just one more week until Xmas 2013, present shopping done, only those getting cash left, presents wrapped under tree. Today I bought the last of the seafood, there is no way I am going out Xmas eve other than to the local IGA for the last-minute salad vegies.

I spent a few hours today vacuuming, washing and generally tidying up as the photographer is coming soon to take the pics for the sale of our home. The big news, drum roll please, we signed the purchase contract to buy our new home, subject to a building inspection and finance, a little three bedroom in Craigmore, just big enough for us, but not quite big enough for everything we have to cram into it. Definitely not enough hanging space for our clothes, I think we have some sorting to do.

It was as hot as all hell in Adelaide today, and will be even hotter tomorrow, but what did I see today, two morons throwing their cigarette butts out of their car windows. It just doesn’t matter how often you say it, some idiots do not get the message. Obviously nowhere near their own homes.

I don’t want to move from this spot, I am sitting directly under an air-conditioning vent, but move I must. Stay cool.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 December 2013

It is truly amazing how much crap, or should I say “treasures”, you accumulate over the years. One way or another Brian and I will be moving in the New Year so we have started going through some boxes that haven’t seen the light of day for a while.

While I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, the other day we put an offer on a house which has been accepted. It is not a pretty house but it has a warm, homely feel and we both fell in love with it. Just sorting out the finance  and touch wood we should be in our own home in February.

Only three work days left until I go on holidays and I can’t wait, I am really tired, it has been a very busy year. Next year I will hit the ground running as I have two new corporations coming on as soon as I go back to work. No rest for the wicked.

It looks like Summer has finally hit Adelaide, the next few days will be stinking hot. I hope Boxing Day will be milder as that is when the family invades. Lots of presents under the tree, not much left to do and we will be ready.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 December 2013

What a busy weekend we have had, it started with dinner on Friday Night with good friends Kate and Jo. We were originally meant to have dinner at the Semaphore RSL but when we arrived they were having a singles night with a live band, and the tables were all set up in groups of ten, not our cup of tea so we needed a fallback plan.

Slightly annoyed they had not told us this when we booked we moved to the Federal Hotel, we have eaten there before and the food was not too bad, and it is not that noisy so we would be able to talk. Now I know I complain a lot about poor service in the hospitality industry but this was the absolute worst, we ordered our meals at 7.20pm and got them at 8.45pm after complaining. To make matters worse two of our four meals were quite ordinary but when you are hungry you eat. The Federal Hotel is now off our list.

On Saturday we went house hunting, watch this space, we found a house we love now we just have to make it happen. Come on Universe, give us a break.

Last night Kane and Kristin had a Xmas dinner to attend for Kane’s work so we bought pizza and looked after their four children. After dinner we watched Jim Carey in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I can’t say I am a fan of Jim Carey, that style of humour is not for me.

As usual the kids were all very well-behaved, not a problem. Alyssa was quite cute, she asked what my name was when I was a little boy as she has only ever heard me called Dad, Old Man or Papa, and she knew I had to have a real name.

Today is a slack day, and that is the weekend that was.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 December 2013

Last night Brian and I had dinner with friends from my days at Wattyl Paints at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel, it was very ordinary. The menu was uninspiring so I thought I would play safe with chicken breast served on mashed potato, very, very, lumpy mashed potato. Both the bar and table service were clumsy to be kind, we shan’t be going back.

Today is my day off and I have just come back from the doctor. The test results he ordered the other week have all come back fine other than my blood sugar reading which has crept up a little. He really burst my bubble as all the readings I take myself are excellent, to the point that both Brian and I believed my diabetes diagnosis was wrong, it’s not.

There is one other slight problem, my chest x-ray showed that I am asthmatic, and he believes I probably always have been. He said that in the days when I was a child asthma was not well-known and was often misdiagnosed as chronic bronchitis, something I recall having often. Bugger, another prescription drug I am now stuck with. I have to take 3 puffs of Symbicort twice per day.

I have been a customer of Peoples Choice Credit Union for many years, joining when they were called Savings and Loan Credit Union. This morning I went into the Port Adelaide branch to change one of my accounts. The new layout at their branches now has only two people on the service desk for financial transactions and a series of cubicles for everything else, it is all very confusing and there are no clear signs advising you what to do, so I proceeded to the service desk only to be told to sit at a table and read the paper until one of the people in the cubicles was free.

Time went by and I was becoming very impatient until finally one of the cubicles was free so in I went to be told by this woman she dealt with  loans and I should report to the service desk. Three times I told this woman I had already done that, all the while she parrotted the same thing until in the end I spat the dummy and walked out.

I immediately called the only number you can to complain, and after pushing this button and that button, and keying in my customer number, I finally was able to vent in the politest of ways at the woman who finally answered my call. Five minutes later my account was changed, my complaint was registered and I was satisfied, for the moment. The lesson learnt, do not go into a branch of Peoples Choice Credit Union.

My sincerest apologies if I have offended any parrots.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 December 2013

What a busy day we had yesterday, up early to make a potato salad as we were having our Xmas break-up at my bosses place. Oysters, prawns, lamb, turkey roll, and salad, very nice. Unfortunately we had to leave before dessert came out, baked cheesecake and Pavlova, but let’s face it, neither of us really needed it. Anyway my boss sent home a serving of each for us today which was lovely of her.

From there we had to go to our six-year-old granddaughter Jade’s birthday party. All the grandchildren had a ball on the bouncy castle, not to mention the wet balloon fights. I also got to catch up with my former sister-in-law and her granddaughter which was nice. My niece and her children were also there, I don’t get to see her often either thanks to my dysfunctional family.

Things are definitely winding down at the office, a very quite day, too many more of these and I will be scratching for something to do during these last couple of weeks before our Xmas shutdown.

I hear that 53 world leaders are descending on South Africa for the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, and justifiably so. I am pleased that Tony Abbott will be representing Australia, but what I do not understand is why Bill Shorten is attending, he is not a world leader, he is in opposition. Just who is footing the bill for that one?

What an absolute load of rubbish on television tonight, you can tell the ratings season is over. Roll on 2014.