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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 January 2014

Day 3 in the new house and Brian has been working like a trooper to turn it into our home whilst I have been at work. He has done a wonderful job, I would be lost without him. His back has not held up too bad either, he does a bit then has a rest, does a bit more and has another rest. The truth is that he is in his element, he loves arranging the house.

Three of my sons have seen the house now, only Ryan and his family to go, and Blake’s daughter Jade. I think we will enjoy living closer to the boys and their families, even if Blake is moving away to Alice Springs.

That’s it for tonight, just a quick one to get everyone up to date.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 January 2014

What a weekend. Settlement went through on our new home as originally scheduled  on Friday and Brian picked up the keys after work. I joked at work that we had borrowed a  sack truck as that was the only way either of us could carry the other across the threshold. 🙂 When I got home we loaded up Brian’s car and headed north with our first load for the weekend. Kane and Kristin and their children called in to see the house and give it the thumbs up after we ran into them at a local takeaway buying pizza.

On Saturday morning we headed up with another load and Brian picked up Cody on the way. Cody was a great help, he cleaned and helped wherever he could, he was in his element. Saturday night we had dinner at Viva Zapata Mexican Cantina on Semaphore Road, a lovely meal then home to relax. Cocktails and Margaritas, what a joy!

Sunday we headed out to the new house with another load, this time we started putting away what we could as we could not move for boxes. Aside from the fridge the kitchen is just about in  working order and most of our clothes are in the wardrobe. On the way up I realised what a couple of idiots we were, this was the second load we had done with two cars packed full to the brim, just one little problem, both times we forgot to pack my car boot. 🙂 In the evening we want to Parwana Afghan restaurant, the food was wonderful and the service excellent. Brian and I have been very critical in recent months as we have had some terrible service, but at this little restaurant on Henley Beach Road, we could not fault it.

This morning we took up another load to the house, our last before the removalists come in tomorrow and move the furniture. Tonight is our last night here in North Haven, this has been a wonderful house but it was not ours.

We are both well and truly stuffed, Brian is asleep downstairs and I am thinking of joining him. Tomorrow morning I will go to work from North Haven and go home to Craigmore. Brian is on leave so will spend the day directing the removalists. Another chapter of our life together starts anew.



Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 January 2014

So where did Justin Bieber go wrong, he started out as a fresh-faced kid singing catchy songs. He was well-known for his charity work and people such as Ellen DeGeneres talked him up as a paragon of virtue……Slips!

I would be ashamed to call this boy my son, to say he has gone off the rails is an understatement. Under-age drinking, drugs, driving without a licence, the list goes on. What about his legion of young fans that look up to this loser, parents encourage your children to find a hero elsewhere, only by turning our backs on this boy will he learn. Where will he be in 10 years time if he continues like this, with all the others who trod this path before him and left our world too soon. It is a one way trip to oblivion.

Fame puts too much pressure on young shoulders, let your children be children, there will be enough pressure on them as adults, don’t wish their lives away. It is time for this boy’s family to intervene before it is too late.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 January 2014

Another busy day packing, changing addresses, washing, a doctor’s appointment, so much for a relaxing day off. My days off are  numbered now, maybe next Wednesday after the move I can relax but I doubt it, Brian will be on holidays and I suppose we will be unpacking. All for the greater good.

I will miss the serenity here, there is rarely any noise, it is a very relaxing place to live. Home is where the heart is though, it is not the suburb that counts but the home and the person you are sharing it with. I must be getting soppy in my old age.

There are two things I definitely will not miss, firstly those damned stairs, no more two-storey houses for us, what with Brian’s back and my knees we are over it. What is the second thing I will not miss, those bloody cyclists, not your every day pushbike variety, but those that think they own the road. In my opinion all road bikes should be registered, maybe then cyclists will abide by the same road rules the rest of us must adhere to.

It is a lovely day here in North Haven, slightly overcast, a bit on the cool side, just the slightest of breezes. Considering what lies ahead of me in the next few days I am surprisingly calm, and very much looking forward to our move. It will be quite sad to leave the house we have called home for the last three and a bit years, but it was not our house, this time next week we will be in our house, our home, what more could we ask.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 January 2014

We had a lovely day yesterday, son Number 3 Blake and his six-year-old daughter Jade came for lunch, nothing special just meat and salad but it was a good visit. Jade was quite bored for a while and was not all that talkative but after lunch I played a couple of games with her and we watched a movie. When Blake said it was time to go she had changed her tune and did not want to go. She is a beautiful child, very well-mannered, a credit to her parents.

After Blake and Jade had left Brian and I packed a few more boxes ready for the big move, I suppose we have done about two-thirds but there is still a bit to go. We have another bag of goodies for St Vinnies. Tonight has been a slack night, I did some ironing but no packing, tomorrow night.

On Saturday when we take the first load to our new home we will be picking up our grandson Cody as he is going to help us clean. There is nothing Cody loves more than to help, and he is an exceptionally good little helper, he attacks every task with gusto.

My eldest son Kane and his wife Kristin are on their way home from Phuket as I type, I am looking forward to seeing them next weekend and hearing all about their first overseas trip. I imagine their four children are busting to see Mum and Dad and see what presents they have.

Some more news tonight, Blake is going to live in Alice Springs for a couple of years, I will certainly miss him. As Jade will be in Adelaide with her mother I hope he will come back often, if not I will have to invade, Jade in hand.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 January 2014

I am pleased that’s over, our last open inspection in this house, next weekend we start the big move. Like most things in life not all is going smoothly, the people from whom we are buying our house have postponed settlement by ten days, but only a slight inconvenience as we have signed a “Licence to Occupy” agreement so we can still move as scheduled. We do have to pay rent however, $1 per day. 🙂

Brian and I have stated packing, but now we can speed things up, all we need to keep out is what we need for the next week. Next weekend is a long weekend in Adelaide and we are borrowing a ute so we can move all the small things ourselves, really small things as due to Brian’s back problem I will be doing all the actual moving. The furniture and heavier items will be moved on the Tuesday when the removalists come in.

We are going to take our grandson Cody with us on the Saturday as he loves cleaning, not sure where he gets that from, and he can help me clean out the cupboards before we start stacking them again. Brian as always will do his fair share, despite his back he is no slacker, I just have to watch he does not overdo it.

When this place is empty we will give it a lick and a promise, final inspection with the landlord on Friday week and we are done. Brian will be on holidays so he can potter for a few weeks and unpack bit by bit at the new house.

We are both very excited, so full of plans for our new “northern estate”. I can see some intense discussions coming up as whilst we are similar in many ways we are also different like most couples, we both know what we want and that is not always the same thing. Cannot wait.


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 January 2014

Not that I am complaining but it has been as hot as hell in Adelaide this week and tonight it is blowing a gale outside, the temperature has dropped dramatically from the 40 plus we had earlier today and it is wonderful.

My son Kane and his wife are having a great time in Phuket, they have gone white water rafting, on an elephant trek, all kinds of things one does on holiday that one does not normally do. Kristin put a photo of them on Facebook both atop an elephant, Kane looked quite grand, sitting proudly like an experienced mahout, but poor Kristin looked like she was hanging on for grim life.

Now I have to confess that when it comes too my food I can be quite adventurous, I am certainly the one who will try almost anything, but last night I watched a documentary about eating insects, the food of the future that will save our planet. Not my thing, I think if I really had to, but definitely not by choice.

I understand from the documentary that 3 billion people around the world eat insects on a daily basis, particularly those from what we call third world countries. I suppose in the west we should not be so proud, we are truly spoilt. Thinking back to the vision of those poor impoverished souls with their humble lifestyles, they seemed happy with their lot, they really do put us to shame, we waste more food on a daily basis than these people see in months.

It did make me think though, what a lucrative business it would be to harvest insects and sell them to these countries, or better still give them as part of our foreign aid program, the “farms” could be worked as part of the “work for the dole” program. How many locust plagues have we had? The “livestock” virtually rear themselves, there is no real animal husbandry involved, and we would be helping those less fortunate. Who knows, we westerners might actually try them and like them. Food for thought, if you will excuse the pun.