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Thoughts of a middle age man…..1 January 2014

2014 has not started quite as I planned. Things started to go array when I tried to move the Pavlova I made from the baking tray to the serving plate, it just started to collapse. What to do, I placed that Pavlova in the fridge for Brian and I to scoff another day, and called him to buy me a Pavlova shell on the way home from work.

Off we went to Jo and Kate’s, what a lovely night, lasagna for dinner and Pavlova for dessert, great company, a thoroughly enjoyable evening. After dinner all bar me went for a dip in the pool, I do not do water. As a child a friend jumped on me when I was at the beach and I have had a fear of water ever since, I can’t swim and I never shall.

As the night wore on I could see that Brian’s back was playing up and I knew we would be home before midnight, sure enough the inevitable happened and while I was disappointed, in the end it all turned out for the best.

No sooner were we in the car and I started to get the most terrible stomach cramps, it was a long drive home. Everywhere I turned there were cars and pedestrians blocking my way and the cramps were getting worse.

We arrived home none to soon and I made  a dash for the toilet, and that is where I sayed for the next 30 minutes or so, I then collapsed on the lounge and drifted off to sleep. This morning the cramps and the diarrhea are gone and my weight is down to 95.5 kilograms. Every cloud does have a silver lining 🙂

Happy New Year!

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